Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment plant with Bioflocs-MBR are new breed of advanced sewage treatment plants which combine benefits of UF with ease of biological treatment. Bioflcos - MBR are available from 1000 liter to 100,000 liter per day of treatment capacity

Car washwater Recycling

Memfocs-MBR  system is designed for recycling of lightly polluted wastewater resulting from activities and places like car service stations. Memflocs-MBR produces good quality water with minimal inputs of chemical and energy. System is designed for fast installation and easy operation

Hollow Fiber for Drinking Water

Hollow Fiber micro and ultra filtration membranes are uniquely suited to address range of application in drinking water segment. The can be used for chemical free water disinfection with 100% rejection of virus, bacteria and RO water pre-treatment